Albatross Delivers (Literally)

Dear friends,

We’d like to introduce a new DELIVERY SERVICE.

Over the past three years, and particularly since March 2020, we have grown our deliveries across town in both reach and volume. We are ready to take it to the next level.


A Local & Fair Logistics Service For Businesses Inside The Ring.

From today you have a local and fair alternative to larger delivery companies or having to do your own deliveries.

Thanks to our resources and experience, from employing a competent team of riders, owning a fleet of bikes, and having established relations with 100+ businesses in town and hundreds more Archipel customers (and growing) we are confident that you will find our Local and Fair Delivery Service matches your requirements.

We’re local, we’re flexible, and we’re fast – chances are we pass by you already!

We’re easier to work with – we develop a line of communication with you which matches your needs, focusing on personal relations rather than quantity serviced by an automated help desk.

We’re green, we’re affordable, it’s so beneficial – any way you look at it.
Hire us for regular deliveries to and from your business. We will ship out your weekly roast to customers, or bring over your weekly oat milk order. We’ll do non-culinary deliveries too. Big or small, and in any direction to or from your business, whatever the size of your parcel delivery; large parcels can be delivered just as swiftly as small ones.

Reach out to us through our contact page so we can get the ball rolling!